Tuesday, October 24, 2006


The LCC handgun class has not been kind to my getting a good night's sleep the night before.

The class (and its book) spends a lot of time discussing basic personal safety issues such as how to make your home unattractive to burglars and being aware of potential dangers in your surroundings. I am such a middle-class suburban male that I have not thought much about such things, besides the obvious steps to make a home typically secure and well-lit.

My wife has. When I asked her, I found out she has plans in her head for what to do if she opened the front door and someone tried to force his way in, or had a gun. I had never thought about such scenarios.

(A few years ago, when we lived somewhere not as safe as Eugene, she would also carry a dangerous flashlight when walking at night. In rainy Eugene it turns out there are classier options.)

For some reason I cannot explain, the past two Monday nights I have been staying awake too long, thinking about scenarios involving bad guys and what I would do. What makes this lack of sleep so foolish is that (being quite tired) I tend to replay the same few, short, hypothetical scenarios in my mind over and over in a most unproductive manner.

I appreciate what the class is teaching me about general safety, just as I'm appreciative that I was not in much danger for previously ignoring such issues. I just wish that at night my brain would content itself with praying or counting sheep or stars instead.

UPDATE: A co-worker reminds me (regarding the "bad guys" link above) that Bond was tied to a centrifuge in one of the movies. Cartoonist's licence was used, however: that classic final line of dialoge is from Goldfinger, not Moonraker.

UPDATE: I realized that, when I skateboard, I often carry one of these skateboard tools with me. That seems a bit more fierce in an untrained hand than a Yawara Stick, but that's not saying much. Especially if I also have a skateboard.