Friday, May 18, 2007

Lane County CHL Statistics

The Lane County sheriff's office got back to me about CHL statistics for the county.

Lane County has roughly 10,400 CHL holders, of whom only 57 have ever been revoked.

A CHL is revoked for any misdemeanor or felony. So half a percent of CHL holders have committed a misdemeanor or worse since obtaining their CHL.

The FBI website reports 76,538 criminals they have profiled in Oregon for their National DNA Index System. The state has about 3,700,800 people. So my rough estimate for what percent of the general population has committed a misdemeanor or worse is about 2%.

Knowing that CHL holders are roughly four times less likely to commit a crime is probably less positive news than the pro-carry folk want to hear, but of course much more positive than the anti-gun folk depict.