Thursday, August 02, 2007

A Very Short Bill

This makes me smile.

H. R. 1897 is a very short bill currently being proposed. The proposal itself (Section 3) is one sentence:
No Federal regulation shall restrict any individual from possessing or carrying a firearm if that restriction is based in whole or in part upon the fact that the individual is in a unit of the National Park System.
which is apparently needed because Federal laws about National Parks are confusing and potentially conflicting.

Notice that rather than changing poorly written laws, Congressmen Ron Paul and Virgil Goode, Jr. are adding a new one-sentence "trump" statement. As someone fond of proper organization I find this dreadful. But as someone who struggles with tax forms each year I find the idea of a one-sentence law quite refreshing.

Do old laws rendered obsolete by newer "trump" laws ever get removed from the books? I would not be surprised if that requires time and effort no one is willing to expend, so obsolete laws stay around forever, hovering in the background...

Regarding this proposal itself I cannot offer any informed opinion. There may be certain locations that are "units" of the National Park System that are so un-park-like that it would not make sense to allow armed self-defense there (coastline near a sensitive government building, etc.) in the same way a concealed carry permit does not allow carrying into a courthouse. I have no idea, nor any idea if this proposal could lead without much fuss or delay to such locations being reclassified more appropriately.

UPDATE: Besides the link above, here are two other useful resources for finding the text of proposed Federal or Oregon legislation.