Sunday, November 16, 2008

Local Plinking

My last post described the nearest places I could go plinking with a pellet pistol. What about a shooting real handgun?

The only local indoor range is the Baron's Den. This is convenient for practicing alone. When with a group of friends the $10 per person range fee is no longer comparable to the cost of gasoline to drive to the local outdoor spots, and avoiding an hour of driving is no big deal.

There is an abandoned gravel quarry outside of Marcola that is used for shooting, near the end of BLM road 16-1-10 (map). This site is free to use, but you might drive half and hour and then arrive to find it is already occupied. Nearby (map) is the McGowan Creek area, which is also BLM land suitable for target shooting but is more heavily used.

There is another abandoned gravel quarry near Lowell, but I have not yet been there.

So, what do I shoot? Naturally, when I go plinking with friends I also get to shoot their guns.

But I do own a mouse gun, which which I try to stay in practice. Way back in December of 2006 I mentioned that I would purchase a NAA Mini-Revolver once I found people with whom to go target shooting. This happened during 2007, so for a year or so I have owned a handgun.

It's tiny and cute, and shoots inexpensive .22LR cartridges. It's also nice to have when camping, when I carry it loaded with snakeshot.

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