Friday, December 05, 2008

Boredom as Protection from Parody

A few days ago a famous football player accidentally shot himself. Fortunately it appears he will recover. Unfortunately he did not have the gun legally and will face legal trouble.

Besides that suffer, today he must also suffer the release to the internet of a parody video starring Derek Brantley. I hope the injured fellow finds it funny, for laughter is good medicine.

I am glad I'm not famous and people do not create parody videos about my mistakes. Such as on Wednesday when I used canola oil instead of olive oil when trying a second version of teething biscuits for Smiley. Hm. Maybe I do not suffer from parody videos not because I'm not famous but instead because I'm really boring.

(It's a pitiful joke that needs an explanation... canola oil was not on Smiley's food list yet, and is also currently in the doghouse among medical researchers.)

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