Saturday, August 01, 2009

Taser Fear

Taser weapons are becoming more useful at a longer range.

James recently wrote twice about Taser weapons. He does not like them because they are unreliable at stopping an attack. (Unfortunately, his more informative posts about less lethal weapons that I once linked to are no longer online except at the Wayback Machine here and here).

I really don't like Tasers. Perhaps I just am more used to long-term views on issues.

Tasers will always be devices that are very unreliable at stopping a large man with an adrenaline high, but quite effective at quietly subduing a petite woman without injury. (If they were more powerful, they would not safely be "non-lethal".) Now, who would most want that kind of thing? Not the good guys...

UPDATE: James has kindly re-posted his essays, here and here.

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