Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Train Ride

We just finished a very nice train ride. We boarded the southbound Coast Starlight on Sunday evening at about 5pm, transferred to the Pacific Surfliner in Los Angeles, and arrived in Salona Beach a little past midnight the next night.

This was a nice way to travel with an infant from Eugene to Southern California, especially considering that Smiley is teething two upper teeth and had a very rough night on Sunday. When consoling a baby the parlor room of the train is better for walking than a motel room and its rocking motion is soothing.

The parlor room also has a small area without baseboard heaters or electrical outlets which Smiley used quite a bit as a play area.

We had the smallest size of private room, a roomette. If the train had been too crowded for Smiley to have any play space outside of our room this would not have been sufficient. But our trip was not crowded and it was plenty for us. The seats were wide with leg room and comfortable for napping.

The upper bunk was sufficient for me, although narrow.

The restrooms were much larger than an airplane restroom and one had a changing table.

Here is a hallway and the dining car, just to complete the tour.

Smiley loved the large windows with moving scenery.

I was surprised that he had no appreciation of sunsets. Sunsets are so universally admired that I assumed there was something almost instinctual about enjoying them. Here is the coast a little north of Santa Barbara.

Between the interesting views and the rocking motion of the train he had no trouble falling asleep.

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