Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Alphabet Flash Games

Smiley loves the alphabet.  And why not?  It's a song!  It is illustrated as the "words" in two of his books!  It is the theme of a most wonderful wordless book.  It's a wood puzzle!   It can be used to measure time!

So I wondered if I could find any online flash games about letter identification or other early alphabet skills.

I found a big list of them from the Utah Education Network.

His favorite is Alpha Bricks, which has cute pictures but annoying music, and lets him pick the spoken letter from 3 choices.  He only has trouble with J and L.

He also likes Boowa Flash Cards, a simpler, quieter version of the previous game in which he picks the spoken letter from 4 choices.

Not as popular, but still okay, is Kangaroos at Paw Park, which involves matching upper and lower case from 4 choices.

Quite different is Big Bird's Letters and Elmo's Keyboard-O-Rama.  He gets to press any letter key on the keyboard to see the letter and a picture.  This can be fun too.

Similar but much more funky is Bembo's Zoo, where he can press any letter key on the keyboard to see a trippy animation involving the letter.

Anyone else know of other good ones?

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Heather said...

Didn't check the list but this is our all time favorite: (the kids even used it to learn some Spanish.)

Also, if you have Linux on a machine then GCompris is Issac's favorite. (The probably have a windows version but not sure.)