Thursday, June 03, 2010

Blockade versus Occupation

David Bernstein, at the Volokh Conspiracy, shares an intriguing interview with Itai Epstein, the Director of Amnesty International in Israel.

The short and boring story is that the vocabulary used by Amnesty International does not differentiate between blockade and occupation.

The longer and more entertaining story is how many commentators also cannot make that distinction.

Anyway, this was interesting to me because there are many very clear examples of the Palestinians manipulating the Western media by either speaking lies (for example, the "Jenin Massacre") or by preparing events specifically to allow a rehearsed reaction (for example, the incident with Ariel Sharon in 2000).  But I seldom get to see such a clear example of the English-speaking players in the game being simply obtuse in their use of vocabulary.

UPDATE: A few days later, Powerline dissects President Obama's response.

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