Thursday, June 03, 2010

Blogging Software Adjustments

I've done some experimenting the past two months.

I tried using TwitterFeed, which automatically turns blog posts into status updates for Twitter (which for me automatically also adds them to Facebook).  It worked as advertised, but is unintelligent: the blog post is simply truncated, usually in the middle of a word, with no guarantee that the resulting status update actually conveys any useful information to help a reader decide if they should follow the link to read more.  Since I do not even blog one post per day, it's trivial to use TwitterBar to make the blog post status updates manually and more meaningfully.

I installed the Firefox add-on Google Shortcuts.  It is nice, but I am in the habit of using my home page, which has all those links.  I can understand that someone without a personalized home page might love this add-on.  I've personally gotten more benefit from adding the "most visited" and "recently bookmarked" menus to my menu bar.

The new Blogger post editor is great.  I can finally use "undo", and the post time and date are now when I click on "publish post" instead of when I first start typing the post.  (There are sometimes months of difference!)

On Tuesday I started using Google Analytics for both my blog and website.  A friend mentioned his blog's statistics, and I was curious about mine.  Of course, I'll need to wait a month to see any meaningful data.  I feel a little guilty using Google Analytics, since I myself block it with the NoScript Firefox add-on.

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