Monday, September 22, 2014

Wilhelm's Grappling Tentacle

Here is another bit of Pathfinder zaniness.

Introducing Wilhelm's Grappling Tentacle.

Imagine an alchemist character with a tentacle who has two levels of Order of the Penitent cavalier.

He has the feats Potion Glutton and Greater Grapple.

Wilhelm's example is level nine and has a +20 Combat Maneuver Bonus.

Each combat turn it can use Potion Glutton to drink a potion of true strike as a swift action, use the tentacle to make an sure-to-succeed attack with the grab ability, watch the high Combat Maneuver Bonus succeed at grappling the foe, and then use Greater Grapple to tie up the foe with a second grapple die roll.

Tie up any monster in one turn!

Oregon Cultural Trust

Oregon has a state Cultural Trust that helps various state non-profits with a focus on the arts, heritage, and humanities.

If you donate to any of the participating charities, you can donate a matching amount to the Cultural Trust that is free to you because the entire matching amount is a state tax credit.

Pretty cool.

LCC Board E-mails

The LCC Board of Education has its own web page, of course.

It is also true that the Lane Education Service District has an issue with website security, which makes it especially easy to find the e-mails of all board members in the district.

The directory for the Oregon Community College Association also has the e-mails.

Bob Ackerman, Tony McCown, Rosie Pryor, Sharon Stiles, Matt Keating, Gary LeClair, Pat Albright

Since their contact information is public record and so easy to find, I'll also archive it here for my own use.

I do not often attend board meetings, but when I do I like to send out a few e-mails afterward.

Bob Ackerman

Tony McCown

Rosie Pryor

Sharon Stiles

Matt Keating

Gary LeClair

Pat Albright

Rival Tooth Brushing Ideologies

A while ago Nathen wrote a blog post about how his dentists' instructions for optimal tooth brushing has changed over the years.

As someone who has taught tooth brushing both as a parent and in the preschool classroom, I can sympathize.

There are actually several different "schools" of tooth brushing technique.  You can read about some.  They have names like the Bass Method, Stillman Method, and Chartes Method.

Why don't dentists agree which is best?  No one follows them rigorously enough for an experimental study.

It was tried once.  Dentists were the subjects.

The only meaningful conclusion was that even dentists do not use any method properly and faithfully.


Murlocks always make the same gargling noise.

Except they do not.  Notice the three buffs: Blarghghl, Mlarggragllabl!, and Mrghlglhhal.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Angry Lorewalker Cho

A funny Hearthstone video showed two players sharing Divine Spirit cards to raise the health of a Lorewalker Cho to ridiculous amounts.

Then, of course, Inner Fire set its attack to the same number, and the game had a dramatic over.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

First Grade Common Core Mathematics

Tomorrow I meet with the first grade teachers at Smiley's school to do some planning about my volunteer help, which will mostly be helping teach mathematics.

I found a web page with the first grade mathematics common core standards that includes example problems.  They are new to me, since last year I worked with kindergarten, fourth, and fifth graders.

Someone also made the cute version, from which I stole the image above.

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Very Generic Hearthstone Daily Quests

This looks like a promising, fun time once Gallant starts his nap.


For those who do not play Hearthstone, I will explain too much.

Each day you  get a new, random daily quest.  You can have three.  Also, each day you can discard one daily quest to replace it with a different random one.

I try to be efficient, and swap out quests that reward 40 gold for using specified heroes to obtain quests that can be obtained with any hero.  That way every third day I can (hopefully) play a few games that fulfill requirements of two if not three quests.

Over the past few days I got lucky.  Today I can play with any hero, and be working on fulfilling all three quests simultaneously.

Moreover, that central quest is the only daily quest for which games played by challenging a friend count.  That is extra fun compared to playing against random opponents.

Comparing the S&P 500 Index Funds

Slightly interesting...

What is the difference between SPDR, IVV, and VOO?

Investopedia explains how these three S&P 500 Index Funds differ.