Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Orange Flags, Green Flags

Today I'm getting contacted by people wanting to know more about the Israeli withdrawals.

Here are some pictures. Here are others (click "next" by the picture to see more). Here are more and more.

Today also had more coverage of a two-day old report that U.N. money financed the new PA propoganda. The articles mention but do not include any actual picture of the banners that said "Today Gaza and Tomorrow the West Bank and Jerusalem" beside a U.N. logo. Another article states that Hamas has also received U.N. money.

If you want a map of Israel, this one is interactive.

Remember that Israel retains ownership of land it allows the PA to administer. People are speaking sloppily when they speak of Israel "giving land" to the PA now or in the past. There is still no Palestinian State. Perhaps the withdrawal is proceeding without being opposed by an expected miracle because legally this is about government, not land, and God's covenants are legal agreements that contain no assurance of good government.