Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Run, Rabbit Run

Sorry for disappearing for ten days. I have been extremely busy preparing for teaching a new term of math classes, and writing the liturgy for the congregation to use during High Holy Days.

I thought I would have more free time this week, but I have been attending many optional meetings at LCC. The college is in the middle of discussing and implimenting redesign issues, and as an adjunct instructor I am not required to participate but it is helpful to know what is going on. (Also, I dropped my PDA last week and broke it, and attending these meetings helps cover the cost of the replacement.)

By dinnertime tonight I should be done with all these preparations. Tomorrow there is a local pastors' prayer meeting to attend. Friday is one last important LCC meeting. I should finally have time to blog and garden and watch Firefly episodes.

UPDATE: The last meeting of the day was an introduction to the new Hitachi Starboard system that has been installed in most of the math classrooms. It's quite nifty!