Thursday, February 11, 2010

Posture, Running, and Muscle

At the end of January I mentioned getting a spa, and how it was helping my lax ligaments and posture.

The change has been remarkable! I had slight but noticeable lordosis. In a week it was gone most times I checked my posture.

I've done tai chi for years, and knew about proper tai chi posture. But I've never had back muscles relaxed enough to keep that posture throughout the day.

Running can be extra tricky posture practice. Last week I only ran three mornings, because of rain and Smiley's teething limiting my sleep. This week I had a cold (and Smiley is still teething) so I have not done any running!

Here is an interesting article about letting your pulse rate slow every 40 minutes or so during a run. My morning route has a halfway place with a bench that is good for doing more stretching, and some bars that are good for pull-ups. So taking a break is nice to do anyway.

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