Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sometimes I am a Good Husband

Whew.  Finally I, my wife, and Smiley have all finished with the cold that's going around.  It has been a tough three weeks.  Now there is time and energy for blogging again.

To celebrate, the silliest conversation with Smiley recently (from November 21st).  Admittedly, it's probably not as funny unless you were there, but Smiley's concluding statement is pretty classic.
Smiley: You can be my [turtle] shell.
     Daddy: Okay. [I cuddle over him]
[He stands up.] I need to get some food.
    [Smiley enjoys feeding the tortises at the local reptile store.] Okay.
You can eat some food too.
    If I'm your shell I don't have a mouth. You are pretending to be the part of the turtle with the mouth.
I have a mouth. [Points to his mouth.] And you have a mouth. [Points to my mouth.]
    I do. But if I'm pretending to be a shell, then I pretend I don't have a mouth. Shells don't have a mouth.
Daddy, you should pretend to be my husband. [Mommy and I laugh.]
    What is a husband?
You should pretend to be my husband.
    What is a husband?
[Smiley says something long and unintelligable.]
    What does a husband do?
He does whatever he wants to do.
    Does he take care of someone? [Mommy has been sick, and often telling me I'm a good husband.]
We can look in a book.
    Which book has a husband?
That book and that book. [Points to "Daisy and the Egg" and a Richard Scarry book.]
    Show me the husband. I don't think the Egg book has a husband in it; that one has a mommy a brother and a sister.
[Smiley pauses.] Those books don't have hubands. But we can go buy one with a huband if you want.
    How did you hear about husbands? Did you hear mommy say I was a good husband?
Yes. Sometimes you are and sometimes you aren't.

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