Sunday, June 05, 2011

New Baby Photographs

Pictures are ready! What a busy day. But getting these online for family and friends is a good thing to do before going to bed.

Swing Dancing at 39 weeks, at the last ELLA event of the school year.  A nice evening, but it did not induce labor.  (Smiley was born the night after swing dancing at a friend's wedding.)

This photograph was at 10:22 pm -- an hour and 16 minutes after the delivery.

Resting with daddy.

At lunch time the second day Smiley finally gets to meet his little brother.

It had been months of waiting to hold his little brother.


Resting after Smiley, the wonderful couple who was watching him while were were in the hospital, and some other friends all left.

Close-up.  Compare Smiley's two-day close-up here.

First outfit. For security reasons infants in the Mother-Baby ward cannot be carried outside of the patient's room. Instead they get pushed around in those bassinet-carts.

Another close up, this time with a hat grandma made.  (This photo is because Smiley had a classic hat photo, so little brother needs one as well.)

Holding little brother at home.

Uncle Nathan meets the new nephew.

For bonus cuteness, here are the links to our first seven videos.

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Heather said...

Ahhhh, baby. Beautiful!