Thursday, April 11, 2013

Why I Love My Wife - Reason 19

(I have not blogged in almost a month.  I got busy, then sick.  But this series is still not done!  My initial intention was daily posts during February until I ran out of things to share, written in the evenings when I have to blog.  But it turns out that blogging about why you love your wife during the cold months of Winter leads to lots of trading massages by the fireplace after the kids are asleep.  I can't say no to that to blog!)

19. We have compatible temperaments.

We both desire a home that has peace, quiet, and calm.  We go on outings to provide ourselves with challenge, noise, excitement, or drama.

We are both romantic, but certainly not "hopeless romantics".

We both rest by spending time alone reading, yet become restless if we do not spend other time with friends.

We both enjoy the things we have without feeling a drive to get newer or flashier things.

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Anonymous said...

Count your blessings, pal. You are in the minority.