Thursday, July 25, 2013

How LCC Handles Troublesome Students

LCC has a web page to offer guidance to instructors when students cause trouble.

I have never had to deal with such things.  Partly this is because I am a male with gravitas.  Partly it is because math classes are calm places, without the heated discussions that might be part of a class about politics or religion.  Partly it is because my students feel some degree of control over classroom flow: as I finish discussing one topic and get ready to start the next, I often provide my students with a choice about whether to see more example problems, attempt some problems themselves, or look at samples of how that topic appears on upcoming practice tests.

Twice during my twenty-eight terms of teaching math in Eugene a student has yelled at me and stormed out of the classroom.  But that was merely someone venting frustrations using me as an easy and safe target.  It would be a much more serious and strange thing for a to student act aggressive towards another student or deliberately hijack classroom flow.

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