Friday, January 02, 2015

Smiley's First Movie Theater Experience

Smiley went to a movie theater for the first time on the afternoon of Christmas Day, while his little brother napped.

He saw The Penguins of Madagascar.

Here is the first portion of a very silly chase scene, made funny as Skipper self-narrates as if he is in a different action movie.

The movie was expertly written.  The four penguins are not actually that funny, and are even a bit annoying.  Their charm is in satire: encountering an action movie trope and believing they are approaching it seriously while actually acting ludicrously.  So the film carefully avoids any duplication.  We watch them encounter trope after trope: a break-in, chase scene, scamper from one vehicle to the next in sequence, experiment with strange high-tech equipment, daring rescue, capture, escape, and finally turn the villain's tools against him.  Repeating any of these would be tedious, but visiting each in turn is great fun.

I just realized that have not blogged any YouTube penguin movies in a long time!

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