Monday, April 20, 2015

An Illustration of Arlinac Town

I just wrote about commissioning some mancala-style abacuses.  That helped lots of people, but was not a project for me.  A second commission at the end of 2014 was.

My role-playing game, Nine Powers, is getting ready for some more purposeful sharing.  It now has a Google+ page, which made me realize it needs at least one nice image.

So I commissioned Jereme Peabody to create an image of the setting's main location, Arlinac Town.

This was a surprisingly big project.  We exchanged dozens of constructive e-mails discussing ideas and critiquing drafts.  Jereme was wonderful to work with, and we're both quite happy with the result.

Perhaps once Summer begins I will have the time to start publicizing Nine Powers properly.  Currently my life has too many other chores and errands.

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