Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Sorry I have not been blogging much lately.

Last week I was very tired. Not only was it the annual high-grass-pollen week, but I also was due for a set of allergy shots. The combination wore me out. Fortunately, a sleepy week is a vast improvement over a miserably sneezy week like I had my previous years in Eugene.

I am also extremely busy with with end of term stuff at LCC. I've written my practice final exam, final exam, and the step-by-step answer key to the practice final to help my students.

The class I taught this term, Math 25, uses a workbook that really needs to be improved. So I'm doing that, since no one else at LCC has time and the relevant experience. I've written math textbooks twice before, and enjoy both the actual writing and the working cooperatively with others to do the best possible job. But this has taken a lot of work, and will probably keep me pretty busy through the rest of June.

My bookmarks of items to blog about are getting numerous! And I am three weeks behind typing in the essays produced by the congregation's weekly Matthew studies (the notes are great and you're missing out!) let alone other congregational website updates. I should have time to start being "sociable" online starting late next week, after my math class grading is completed.

The heroes in all this are God for helping make my allergies improve, and my Math 25 students for putting up with an inferior workbook this term, in a class that currently is stuffed with so much material it really should be worth one more credit (you can see the practice final here: what a lot of topics!).