Saturday, September 24, 2011

Gallant at Three Months

In early August I wrote about how Gallant was doing at two months and how Smiley was doing as a big brother.  Now it is the end of September.  Gallant is mostly through his third month.  What has changed?

Smiley still enjoys being a big brother and helping entertain the baby.

Smiley likes reading together too.

Gallant smiles a lot. He has a great smile.

Gallant has gone from having just found his fist in early August to being able to usually grasp something with both hands to be able to suck on it.

His love for being upright grows unbounded. He likes taking steps

and standing on laps

Since early August has progressed from sitting propped

to being tucked into the exersaucer with many towels and a pillow

to standing unassisted in the exersaucer or in his jumper

Only a couple weeks ago did he begin to enjoy tummy time.

He is nearly teething. (Smiley was also nearly nicknamed "Drooly".)

He still will not suck on a pacifier.  He tries chewing on it, and it zips out of this mouth like a shot watermelon seed.

So, go visit our 2011 photos.  Yesterday I uploaded 110 new ones from August and September.  The photos in this blog post are merely a few, and not all of the best.

Oh... Gallant had two "firsts" today.  He rolled over from his tummy to his side (both sides).  And he sat happily in the ergo upright, facing in, legs spread.