Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Smiley as a Big Brother

I promised an account of how Smiley is doing as a big brother.  He is doing great!

He likes being a big brother and helping take care of a baby.
Yesterday I asked him, "When you are bigger will you be a daddy and have a baby?"

He replied, "Yes.  But first I have to do a lot of planning"

Sadly, my subsequent questions were unable to discover what kind of planning he had in mind.

Hi likes hugging his baby brother.

He enjoys the ways he can entertain the baby.  When Gallant is lying on his back, Smiley can wiggle the baby's arms or move its legs, which often provokes a smile and sometimes even cooing.  When Gallant is fussing, Smiley can help keep a pacifier in Gallant's mouth or offer his pinkey as an even better pacifier.

Smiley also helps with Gallant's two toys for touching and hitting.  When they rotate so the black-and-white side is no longer faces Gallant, Smiley can reposition them.

Smiley also helps us keep an ear out for Gallant waking up.  Gallant's favorite daytime nap spot is in his swing, outside on the back porch.  If Smiley is playing in the back yard he will let us know if Gallant wakes up.

The two boys can both sit and hear a story.  Smiley has started helping by holding the book and turning the pages while mommy or daddy have Gallant on their lap with a pinky in his mouth.

Taking care of a baby is exhausting. Today Smiley had two play dates, as well as helping with Gallant, and he fell asleep outside in his big box.

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