Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Bill and Margot

For many months I have been meaning to blog about the websites of two friends, Bill and Margot.

Bill Walter of Golden Apple Healthcare is my naturopathic physician, whom I mentioned in April.  With his help I have enjoyed a much nicer quality of health and life during the recent high-allergy season.  He also helped me by teaching me about fascia and using deep tissue massage to restore to me the flexibility I had lost from years of poor posture.  I can wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone local who struggles with allergies or poor posture.

His wife, Margot, is a artist famous in fabric-arts circles who makes quilts that look like paintings.  I would be impossible for her website to really convey how astounding it is to see across the room what looks like an oil painting that up close is merely carefully layered sheer fabrics.

Their son has no website and is one of Smiley's regular playmates.

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