Thursday, April 28, 2011

Medicine Costs

Last year I blogged a bit about my lengthy sinus infection, which I think I've only mentioned once this year.  Even without the infection my sinuses are still inflamed.  Now allergy season is here too.

So I went to both my doctor and a naturopathic physician friend to get more help.  I'm now on quite a few medicines and pills.  Fortunately, I have nice health insurance that pays for most of the cost of the prescriptions.

All this stuff I'm putting inside me is working wonderfully.  I've gotten most of my energy back.  I'm not constantly congested.  I'm not suffering nearly-daily headaches.  Hooray!

Here's what feeling well is costing me...

First, the prescriptions.
  • Rhinocort - $37.50 for 120 sprays (30 days) - $1.25 per day
  • Wilson's Solution (Gentamicin in saline) - $37 for three month supply - $0.41 per day

The Rhinocort is anti-inflammatory.  The Wilson's Solution prevents another sinus infection.
  • Power-Dophilus (four probiotic blend) $14.99 for 100 tablets (33 days) - $0.45 per day
  • Aller-Essentials (Pure Encapsulations) $12.61 for 60 capsules (15 days) - $0.84 per day
  • Allegra (CostCo) $35 for 90 tablets (90 days) - $0.39 per day

The probiotic might be helping if my ratio of T1 to T2 cells was off, which often happens with allergy sufferers; having T2 too high increases mast cell activity.  The other pill is designed to stabilize mast cells so fewer histamines are triggered.  Allegra is the antihistamine that works best for me.  So I have something dealing with all three of the main stages between "body notices pollen" and "histamine produced".

This supposedly helps with relaxation.  I've certainly noticed that when I have more tension in my neck and upper back then it exacerbates my allergy symptoms.  It seems to be working well, although for about a quarter per day I would even be happy with even a placebo effect.
  • Multivitamin (Trader Joe's) $7.99 for 100 tablets (100 days) - $0.08 per day
  • Vitamin C (Trader Joe's) $12.99 for 250 tablets (125 days) - $0.10 per day

Finally, my vitamins.

Total is $3.79 per day.  That's a lot more than I have been spending on health for most of my life.  But not too bad considering that it is Springtime allergy season, and I had been suffering from daily congestion and headaches due to swollen and inflamed sinuses.

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