Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Dentist and the Skate Park

Smiley has been worried about dentists.

A month ago I had a routine dentist visit to get my teeth cleaned.  Also, my grandmother has had a lot of dentist visits lately because her false teeth are having problems.  We both have good dentists.  No one hollers or screams.

However, Smiley knows about the dentist from Finding Nemo, who is not a good dentist.  His patients holler and scream.

So Smiley has been worried that my dentist, or my grandmother's dentist, might not be good dentists.

What to do?  Wednesday we visited my dentist.  No appointment, just stopped by to say hi.  (I had called ahead to make sure this was in general an okay thing to do, and asked for the time of day they were least busy.)  A dental technician gave us a tour.

Smiley likes the dentist's.  The office has a tape dispenser.  (He likes tape.)  He got to move one of the chairs up and down.  He smiled when the dental technician blew air and water on his hand from that tool.  He got to see patients who were not hollering or screaming.  He was given a blue toothbrush, two stickers, and a high bounce ball.

A few of the dentists and other technicians were bored, and stopped by to chat.  He was probably the cutest visitor that morning.

It was a nice visit.  He wants to go there again, to spend more time playing with the buttons that work their accessible entryway doors.

So... what to do with his first high bounce ball?  I drove him to the skate park at Crescent and Gilham.  It was a slightly rainy day, so no one else was there.  Skaters don't like puddles.

Life does not get much better than a three-year-old with a high bounce ball in an empty skate park.


Dentist said...

It's good to know that people are very concern about having healthy teeth and gums. No wonder a dentist work very hard to keep all appointments on time, because the dentist knows how valuable your time is to you.

Adam Dayton said...

We can't blame our kids for feeling a little bit scared when it comes to visiting their dentist. Because, whether we admit it or not, we also felt the same way when we were kids. But now is the time to teach our kids not to fear their dentists, because they help make our teeth healthy and beautiful.

VanityofVanities said...

"Life does not get much better than a three-year-old with a high bounce ball in an empty skate park."

Indeed. And after a day with a dentist it would be a great treat for him, eh.

Cathy@medical products