Saturday, April 16, 2011

Woof Woof

I've been doing more barking than usual.

First, there is Jeeves and Wooster.  My wife asked for that DVD set as a holiday present.  It is something funny to watch together in the evening.  Smiley asked about it, so we let him watch the first part of the second episode, "Tuppy and the Terrier".  In it Bertie Wooster is playing golf.  He is also babysitting his aunt's terrier, who is with him at the golf course.  The dog keeps barking (prompted by the mischievous Bobby Wickham) just as Bertie is taking a swing, ruining his game.

After watching that, Smiley asked to try playing golf.  So we set him up with a long cardboard tube from a wrapping paper roll, a small plastic ball, and a box on its side.  He enjoys trying to hit the ball into the box.  But in his mind golf requires a distracting dog.  So my job is to bark as he is about to swing the tube.

The other barking is from the delightful Boynton board book Doggies.  It has joined the ranks of books Smiley enjoys "reading" to himself.  Since his barking is incredibly adorable (although I have so far failed to catch it with our Flip video recorder) I have been reading it to him more often, to keep it in his mind.

(By the way, that board book should be part of all premarital counseling.  A couple that cannot count and bark together may have a troubled future.)

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