Saturday, January 15, 2011

January Fifteenth's Sign of Improving Health

Last year I wrote about how I suffered from a sinus infection from about June through November.  Three weeks in California helped heal my sinuses a lot, even if it was raining half the days of our vacation.  My left sinus still has a slight noticeable constant pressure, but "slight" is a huge improvement.  I no longer have to deal with a headache every day.

During the second half of 2010 my family was dealing with other health issues too.  These have also seen improvement.  I'll blog more about those next week.

Tonight I laughed because it is halfway through January and my wife and I finally took time to sit on the couch together and read the holiday cards we have received.  Some years we send out cards and some years we don't.  Usually when we do we delay and wind up writing New Year's letters instead of holiday letters.  But this is the first Winter that we have been so tired and worn out that we did not even read other people's cards until mid-January.

So, thank you to those who wrote to us.  We'll try to write back before the month's end.

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