Sunday, October 03, 2010

October Calm

Whew.  September is done!

Our old car was dying rapidly, and now we have a new car.

All Summer long I've had a sinus infection, which is not cured but is much, much better.

In early August my wife's family purchased a home very near to us, and a lot of this Summer was spent helping them get the house set up.  Happy 70th birthday, Grandpa!

Now my wife's parents are back in California until April; her father is not quite retired yet.  But her brother is a new neighbor and looking for a job. Here he is at our Sukkot gathering, when about thirty people were in our back yard.

My brother visited in mid-September, back in the U.S. after spending quite a long time in Thailand.  His visit was delightful even if it was a bit strange for me to be hosting a guest while unable to sleep.  (He was gracious with my medicated oddity of barely sleeping for three days and then crashing.)

In September my family visited Newport twice.  Smiley loves the beach, the Aquarium, and the Hatfield Science Center.  And the hotel pool and hot tub.

(Lots of other photographs in our Picasa album.)

Now it is October.  All those September issues are done.  Fall term has started at LCC, and my math class appears to have interesting students.  Life is getting calm again.  Yay!

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