Monday, October 04, 2010

Touch Tanks

You can't really see it in the photograph, but Smiley is petting a fish!

This is at the Hatfield Science Center Visitor Center (as my wife said, "That's a lot of centering").  They have an even nicer touch tank than the nearby Newport Aquarium.  Oddly, their Kelp Greenling is not too averse to petting.  Smiley happened to find it slightly stuck between two rocks with a sea urchin in front of it, and the fish now and then wiggled a bit but never bothered to find an escape route.  This one is yellow, which means it is female (the males are blue).  It made me wonder my more fish owners with children do not have touch tanks instead of aquarium tanks: do most fish eventually become resigned to petting?

The next day, at the Newport Aquarium, he happened to find a very hungry small Green Kelp Crab which did not flee when pet.  Smiley enjoyed feeding bits of seaweed to it and the abalones.  I did not take any photographs, but did record some Flip video which (along with all our other videos from all of September and October 1st/2nd) will hopefully be processed and online soon.

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