Sunday, October 03, 2010

Skyping Goodnight to Dancing Nathen

Whew.  The past three weeks have been hectic, which is why I have not been blogging.

But something tonight was too cute to not record for posterity.

Smiley and I were ready to start his bedtime routines, and sitting on the love-seat.  I decided to check Skype to see if Grandma Gwyn was at her computer, since it would be nice to say goodnight to her.  She was not, but Dancing Nathen was.  We had not talked to him in several days, because we were vacationing in Newport from Thursday through Saturday.
I asked Smiley, "What do you want to tell Dancing Nathen?  You tell me and I'll type the words."

He replied, "Downtown is by the fire station and the bus station. And the bus stop too."

Not exactly typical goodnight wishes, but I typed that.  Then I asked, "What else do you want to tell him?"

He said, "Downtown is by the library and the fire station and the bus station and the bus stop."

I said, "We already told him about downtown.  Why don't you tell him about Newport?"

He said, and I typed, "Newport has so many things. A kitchen, a shower, and a bathroom! And a sink. And another sink. It has a sink, and another sink, and another sink."

I think the first two sinks were part of the cottage we stayed at, part of the Waves Hotel, which is an affordable way for someone who has to cook all their own meals to visit Newport after Labor Day.  The other three sinks are probably ones at the Aquarium and the Hatfield Science Center.  Hours of playing at the touch tanks meant that Smiley also did a lot of fun hand wash.

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