Friday, January 07, 2011

Dominion Card Game - Online

During our December vacation, a friend introduced me to the Dominion card game.

It's a great game for my family.  My wife and I always appreciate finding another two-play game with very little competition, since my wife does not enjoy trying to "hurt" me even in a game.  Dominion is a great example because its "competitive shopping" theme is not at all a zero-sum situation.

I got the special Amazon three-in-one set (which was substantially less expensive at the end of December).

I have also found out that the game can be played for free online.  Moreover, that site also allows downloading an archive of old games, but understanding them will probably require using a website with all the card descriptions.


P.D. Magnus said...

Cristyn and I both really enjoy Dominion. The only awkward thing is sorting through the boxes to set it up and put it away.

David V.S. said...

Yes. A big reason to buy the "big box" set and no other expansions is that all the cards stand up in the box alphabetized, to make setup and cleanup much easier than across multiple boxes.