Sunday, January 30, 2011

More about the Bunk Bed

Remember the new bunk bed for Smiley?

It ate a lot of January.

We visited CostCo a few times to make sure we really wanted that purchase.  Our friend Randy used his pickup to help us purchase it.  Assembling the bunk bed (with help from Uncle Nathan) took an afternoon.  But that was only the beginning.

With Randy's help the truckload of cardboard packaging was flattened and taken to the dump.  The dump does not take styrofoam; here in Eugene that stuff goes to the main St. Vincent De Paul's on Seneca Road, and there was enough to fill our station wagon.

We also had to shop for a mattress, plastic mattress cover, and sheets.

Actually, we decided to let Smiley sleep on the top bunk, but then wanted to make the guard rails seem higher by using a 3" mattress topper instead of a real mattress.  So he actually has no mattress, but a nice gel-foam mattress topper from CostCo.  The outing that involved Randy and his truck going to the dump also included purchasing plywood to put on top of the bunk bed's slats since there is no mattress.

I think getting that bunk bed purchased and ready to use took more time than buying a new car last October!

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