Saturday, January 15, 2011

Surprised When CostCo Isn't Cheapest

Although I know that CostCo prices on non-bulk items are often nothing special, I am sometimes surprised.  Fortunately, the store makes returns very easy.

Two recent items included TurboTax Premium, which was $80 at CostCo versus $38 through Fidelity on their page of tax links, and a 16 GB USB Thumb Drive, which has $37 at CostCo versus $25 at Amazon.

Changing the subject slightly, my brother has collected some horrific stories of a co-worker who frequently abused the CostCo return policy.  The two best are how this fellow not only tried out every HDTV before picking his favorite, but also returned bedsheets after using them for months.

UPDATE: Oops!  I made a mistake.  The only reason TurboTax Premium appeared cheaper with the Fidelity link was that it broke the Federal and State portions into two purchases.  CostCo is cheaper if you are buying both!

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