Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Yerba Maté

Our hallway closet has a shelf with some teas my wife and I do not normally drink but we keep in case visitors want them.  This stash includes a bag of yerba maté that is several years old.

One evening last weekend my father wanted something with caffeine, but all our coffee is decaffeinated (since my wife is the coffee drinker and she is nursing little Gallant).

So my father and I tried the yerba maté.  It was good!  I was surprised that I liked it, remembering it from years ago as an acquired taste I lacked.

We get most of our teas from Stash Tea, which does carry some.  Amazon also has quite a few available with Amazon Prime free shipping.

Do any of you have a favorite source of yerba maté?  Are there big flavor differences between brands?

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