Monday, July 18, 2005

Like a Bable Fish

Trillian is cool.

While traveling to a conference and visiting old friends, I found out that some of my friends are doing IM (instant messaging) with software I didn't have. I tried AIM, which they were using, and it was nice once I installed the AIM Ad Hack. But having two different IM programs running seemed bothersome.

Trillian does all the IM variations. The free version is for text messaging. If you pay for the full version you can do webcam video as well. (However, Trillian only supports video in AIM and MSN Messenger when both people have webcams. The real version of those messengers are needed to provide video to someone who cannot reciprocate.)

It works really great -- the windows can even be set to have adjustable transparency if you alternate-click on the bar at the top of the window. And now I only need one IM program.

If you do instant messaging, you can reach me at:
AIM - David at Penei
MSN - penei (at)
Yahoo - dvsjunkmail (at)
with the @ symbol in the appropriate places for those e-mail addresses.