Thursday, July 07, 2005

Moses's Hand and Lightning Rod

For a time of spiritual training, scripture tells us so much that we can proceed ahead unless as we are used to, listening for if God tells us to do something differently than last time. We know both "milk" and "meat" teachings to pass on.

For a time of spiritual warfare, we must be guided directly by God's Spirit. We should not move forward unless God has told us to do so.

For training, a person can have an effective ministry. It is okay to say "my ministry". It is okay to plan, "What can I do next?" It is important to meet people's intellectual needs. When we receive new revelation we can define it: categorize it and plan how to continue to use it to train others.

For spiritual warfare, no person can be effective. It is only God's ministry. We must pray, "What will you do next?" We cannot meet people's spiritual needs, but must aid God meeting these needs. We must allow God alone to define what he gives us.

In spiritual warfare, we are like Moshe's hand, or a lightning rod -- a target for God's Spirit as it descends. Often the biggest challenge is to simply get out of the way and not interfere with what God is doing.