Thursday, February 23, 2006


Jonathan Cahn and his congregation publish a monthly booklet with snippets from his sermons and news about their what their congregation has been doing. In the October 2005 issue he mentioned something nifty.

The name Capernaum in Hebrew is K'far Nachum. The word k'far simply means "village". The word nachum is a derivative of nacham which is not as easy to translate. It most literally means "to comfort" but when used reflexively it changes from any sort of comforting one's self to consoling one's self by feeling sorry, feeling regret, and doing repentance.

In Matthew's gospel, Yeshua specifically starts proclaiming the good news after he arrives in K'far Nachum (4:13-17). His message of restoration to God was proclaimed first from the Village of Comfort. The good news is comfort to us from God. And it is how we can console ourselves through repentance.

(The other gospel authors agree that K'far Nachum was the place Yeshua's ministry started, but do not link the village, and thus its name, with the good news as explicitly.)