Wednesday, February 22, 2006

No Eisner or Kirby?

The group Jews for Jesus is well known for being single-minded in their focus.

I normally do not complain much about their publications. Jews for Jesus is careful to speak of itself as different from Messianic Judaism. So I could make timely comments about how some of their theology is drastically different than that of Messianic Judaism when their publications make this evident, but that would be needless and impolite.

But now they publish an issue of Issues (volume 16, number 5) featuring the Jewish presence in comic book writers, and in single-mindedly pursuing their focus they do a terrible job of presenting that topic! They completely neglect mentioning the most influential Jewish comic book writers and how the entire field has been dominated by Jewish writers.

The main comic book awards are called the Eisners, for goodness's sake! Jack Kirby has a mountain named after him (in Astro City)! I even wonder which of my readers can name a famous non-Jewish comic book writer? (Anyone know Frank Miller's lineage?)

Really! To call such sloppiness journalism...

(I know. It's not supposed to be journalism. Sigh.)