Thursday, March 16, 2006

Pedometer Update

I wore the pedometer yesterday, as a test for a day when my wife and I go swing dancing in the evening and I bicycled to and from work. Well over 20,000 steps, by enough to excuse a large numer of false counts. Yay!

(Note that swing dancing, with its many quick triple-steps to fast music, is a somewhat unfair way of accumulating steps. Walking or bicycling up a steep hill is far more work per step than a small shift of weight on the dance floor. But it's still fun to find out that I might do 20,000 of anything during a day.)

UPDATE: Thursday was a stay-at-home day. I don't get nearly 10,000 steps when I am at the computer and doing a few household chores. Friday and Saturday were non-bicycling days but with (very different kinds of) real work happening, and those both coincidentally turned out to have near 10,000 steps.