Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Some miscellaneous nifty links

My friends send me all sorts of funny and pretty and amazing things, which I can share. (Well, I'll share the ones that I can find online. I don't see any point to sending huge e-mails of pictures to folks.)

Someone also sent me this funny video (warning: link has sound). I realize that making fun of people who come from a superiority-esteem culture is as rude as presenting false criminal accusations against someone from an individual-responsibility culture, but still will pass this along since it is not about any particular real person.

Years ago, my father taught me how to fold a dollar bill into a bowtie. It turns out there's a website devoted to such things. Now we never need to leave a boring tip again!

The Citroen transformer is back (warning: link has sound).

Eugene is the sixth worst city for bicycle theft according to the Kryptonite company, but the number one green city according to The Green Guide.

If you spent too much of your youth playing video games, here are some nostalgic songs. (I'm old enough to only recognize the oldest of these games.)

When ZIP drives first came out, a big company tried to use them as the main drives for their PCs. The idea was that productivity would go up if every employee could treat any PC in the building as a terminal. Insert your own ZIP drive, boot the machine with all your own preferences and data, and start working! The idea didn't last long. But it did not die, either.