Thursday, March 15, 2007

More Blogger Navbar


I suspected as much, but finally had time to check...

Regarding my "generic webpage" Blogger template (see this recent post), the code I eventually found needed to be put near the end of the file to include a Blogger navbar at the bottom of the page actually works as part of the HTML of any webpage. For some reason this seems quite amusing.

The most recently created blog of the user who is logged in to Blogger seems the default for if the navbar is used to search or add an entry to "this blog" on a non-blog webpage.

I doubt there is any useful application for this. It's just silly, something in the wrong place.

(I suppose if someone really blogged a lot, they could give themselves the ability to start a new blog entry at a moment's notice by creating a two-frame page as their web browser's home page, of which the bottom frame was nothing but a 30 pixel high Blogger navbar.)