Saturday, March 24, 2007

Thoughts about Worship

I was recently at a very nice discussion about what it means to be a worshipper, and to be a worship leader in a congregation. Here is a copy of my notes from that discussion. Credit for ideas, and thanks, go to Ted, Charles, Lynn, Russ, and three others who many not want their names publicized.
  • Worship is expressing love and adoration to God without self-consciousness. Since worship is ascribing worth to God it can be done in private, but is more "true" when done in public.
  • If we are afraid of not appearing polished or acceptable, we will not be able to properly focus on God.
  • Worship aids creativity, artistic expression, and revelation.
  • Liturgy helps remind of us all the kinds of things we should say to God. Prayer without liturgy helps us learn about ourselves.
  • Music is "Messianic Jewish" if it has the perspectives of a Hebraic worldview and the Messianic Jewish vision.
  • One purpose of gathering on Shabbat as a congregation is to create an opportunity for each person to offer something to God. This is traditionally song, scripture, teaching, or revelation (see First Corinthians 14:26). It can also be anything that helps others worship, even the hospitality of making the room conducive to worship by setting up nicely, greeting people, playing music, or otherwise modeling or promoting an atmosphere of freedom led by the Holy Spirit.