Sunday, January 13, 2008

World of Warcraft Links

I mentioned earlier that I had started playing World of Warcraft. Since it is a social game it is a great topic to blog about, so unlike my hobbies of martial arts or skateboarding or comics I will create a new blog post topic for the game.

Before discussing the ways the game is interesting I should share some links, so my friends and family who play the game can see how I play it.

My character is a gnome named Raconteur on the Feathermoon server. I belong to a group of friends (a "guild") named Divinitas (armory, WarcraftRealms).

Being pretty new to the game, I often need to look up infromation on the WoWWiki. Most of what I look up is information about my character class, to use when planning a new talent specialization plan. Sometimes I read about an instance (long adventure for a group) after doing it once, to see what I missed.

Now and then I will also refer to Thottbot quest help if a quest in the game is too vague about where to go or what to look for. The website WoWLocater is sometimes helpful in using the provided clarification.

I used to waste time reading the official rogue discussion now and then, to help learn what to do as a rogue, but have stopped doing so since the forum is very repetitive.

Usually I play with no add-ons enabled. I do have Gatherer, Recount, and WoWEcon installed so that I can enable them if I wish.

UPDATE: Ooo, my blog's first spam comment! Someone anonymously left a link to a site illegally selling WoW hacking software and in-game gold. I can't find out how to remove the comment's entire existence but I can remove its content.

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