Saturday, January 19, 2008

A Sock Plan that Almost Worked

Over a year ago I wrote about the nice Towncraft black "Acrylic Blend Cushion" socks I wear year-round, for sale at J.C. Penny. Three pairs for $9!

Well, I finally needed to buy another bunch of socks. Towards the end of December a whole bunch began to get holes, all at once. I guess that means I rotate through them evenly.

So I go to J. C. Penny and find out that my plan is in trouble. The Towncraft brand has been discontinued! What socks do I get?

As it turns out, at least in the realm of socks, Towncraft is not really discontinued but merely renamed Stafford. There is still a Stafford "Acrylic Blend cushion" which feels exactly the same but is not quite as dark a black. Customers are now nudged to buy two packages at once: instead of costing a plain $9 each the packages cost "$12, buy one get the second half price".

So I purchased my four three-packs of socks and should be set for more than another year. Hooray for nice socks!


Anonymous said...

I too have purchased Towncraft socks for years. Each December around Christmas time I would go to J.C. Penny and purchase 24 pair of black fluffy Towncraft socks. Each year I would get the same clerk at the register. And each year she would say to me, "Did you leave any for other customers?" This has been my routine for as far back as I can remember.

I just put the socks in my drawer and rotate them evenly. My wife loves the fact that she doesn't have to mix and match socks since they are all the same color. It has worked for me for over 20 years. So why change?

I was shocked last Christmas when I discovered that Towncraft socks were no longer available. I tried your suggestion of the Strafford socks but they just weren't close enough in feel to the Towncraft. They seemed to be shorter and less cushioned on the bottoms.

I have discovered that Gold Toe offers a pair of socks that could be the twins to the Towncraft socks I have loved all these years except for the addition of a subtle gold stitching on the toe of the sock. Same feel, same size, same cushion, same overall color. And they are sold in packs of three.

Here is the info:
01/04/2008 I found that Gold Toe Cushion Fluffie black socks #2057S are just about the same. Sold in packs of three for $11.50 per pack. Their SKU number is 78688251412. The Gold Toe Factory Store #511, Rockvale Square Outlets, Box 1802, 35 South Willowdale Drive, Lancaster, PA 17602 - 717-390-3066 will ship them for $4.00 per mail order according to their Store Manager, Heather Gomez.

I hope this helps some of you Towncraft followers.

Anonymous said...

Well, about three years have passed and it seems JC Penny's has done the same to us with the Stafford acrylic socks. I need the extended size for my size 13 clodhoppers and they were usually available in the store if you really bent down and looked through all the racks. Now they seem to have disappeared, even from the on-line catalog. Goldtoe? They are now cheap Chinese junk! The "gold toe" isn't woven appears to be painted on. Has Penny's "cheaped out" the way Sears did? well, in a society where grown men predominantly wear short pants and sneakers most of the time, what can you expect??? If anyone knows where to find thick black acrylic extra large men's socks, please post the info on here. Thank you!

Theresa said...

To Anonymous:
Have you had any luck finding the thick black acrylic extra large mens socks that used to be at JCPenney? I am looking for the exact same thing. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

It really sucks that Stafford stopped making large socks.
I should have bought a ton of them when I had the chance.