Sunday, November 12, 2006

Tea Infusers and Socks

This past weekend I finally figured out how to use the ceramic tea infuser that came with one of my mugs. I had been putting loose tea in it and then adding hot water. But then quite a bit of tea went down through the holes. I realized if I added the hot water first, then a lot of the tea would initially float, and have expanded in size by the time it began to sink.

It's a bit humbling to have been using a tea infuser incorrectly.

Something I had successfully figured out a few years ago was that matching socks was the worst part of doing laundry. So for that year's holiday present, I asked my wife to get me a bunch of socks that were all the same. This has worked nicely. I wear a black Towncraft "Acrylic Blend Cushion" sock: those are thick enough for Winter, not too thick for the rest of the year, and are really inexpensive at J.C. Penny.

(Doing laundry is normally one of my chores. My wife still has many varieties of socks, most of which are white socks in nearly similar pairs that are a pain to match up. But my socks' half of that work has been eliminated!)

This was a boring post, but I could not pass up the chance to write something entitled "Tea Infusers and Socks".

UPDATE: Okay, I admit it. I will need to replace some of my socks soon, so I shopped for some on Friday during one of my very rare trips to the mall. I had some trouble determining which ones they were at the store; black socks look a lot alike. Having finally identified them, I'm blogging about them so I'll have a record of which ones they are a year or two from now.