Saturday, November 04, 2006

Tao of Yeshua: Chapter 28

Knowing what is boastful but keeping to what is humble is being a watershed for all things.
As a watershed for all things, his experience makes virtue collect.
He is born again.
Knowing what is revealed but keeping to what is hidden is being a pattern for all things.
As a pattern for all things, his image makes virtue strong.
He returns to the infinite.
Knowing what is glorious but keeping to what does not shine is being a valley for all things.
As a valley for all things, his meekness makes virtue sufficient.
He returns to wholeness.
Vessels are carved from uncut wood by removing substance.
The Saint can use each vessel for its special purpose.
But great works do not require removing substance.

The humble accept the experiences that increase virtue.
The heavenly models how virtue is strong.
The meek can feel complete possessing only virtue.
Acquiring virtue from experiences is more valuable than acquiring skill.