Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Skies are Bluer with a Stellated Icosahedron

Today I am very tired, because last night Eugene's weekly Wednesday night swing dancing was a special treat.

Normally there is no live music. Last night The Blue Skies Big Band, a local 20-piece swing band, played for two hours, and the dancing went on an extra hour after they stopped at 11pm. Also, a series of free lessons for "non-beginners" started up.

So I danced from 7pm until midnight. After arriving at home I had too much energy to fall asleep quickly, and wound up awake until 2am. I get up at 6am on Thursdays. So I'm tired today.

(Many of my math students were tired yesterday morning, because of partying the night before for Halloween. Today I started class by joking that now it was my turn to be tired, and my night-before party was more fun than theirs.)

Thus I postponed some grading this afternoon, and folded a stellated icosohedon. It was a relaxing and pleasant activity. Big and clear directions are here. I leave out "step 4" since this is how I learned to do this as a kid, it's faster, and it makes a sturdier construction.

Of course, some people are even fancier.