Monday, October 30, 2006

Pressing and Blessing

An observation by Jonathan Cahn:

Yeshua gave blessings just before departing. He did this before dying (Luke 23:34), and later before ascending (Luke 24:50-51).

An an aside, he also said blessings at other typical times, such as before eating (many verses) or when greeting (Mark 10:16).

Saying blessings before departing can be hard to do, even if you are not being brutally killed. Yeshua got the strength and perspective to do so by praying at Gethsemane. In Hebrew this place is Got Shemen, "press of olive oils". In a place where olives were pressed and changed, Yeshua was pressed and changed.

Sometimes we have difficulty in departing from things. To move on from today, from a hurt, from a destructive friendship, etc., we must first, in prayer, experience pressing and blessing. Once we know how God wants us to pray about it and we intercede for it, then we can move on.