Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Fall has turned cold. I mentioned the start of this event. Daylight is getting shorter just as raking and power-washing need to be done.

Fall has certain opportunities. Maybe I'll learn how to do Maple leaf origami. Mornings are misty and evenings have nifty clouds. There are fewer squirrels attacking the garden.

(If my readers will pardon some links with slightly risque humor or frightening images, I can mention that although I do not do anything for Halloween I'll get to see some of my math students in costume at school. I did have a "silly hat day" in one of my classes a little while ago so the students would have a chance to see me look foolish.)

Today I'm happy not because of Fall (although the trees and mists are quite nice) but because I have a three hour block of free time! This has not happened since before the start of the the term and all the recent Jewish holidays. I got more caught up on e-mail (now only 15 in my inbox) and can share silly links here. Hooray!

UPDATE: Can a crocodile costume make a pug dog cuter? Yes.